The objective of the project was to redesign a book cover using entirely type and only using images to enhance the typography. Choosing Moby Dick, I wanted to get very clever with the concept for this book cover redesign. One of the main aspects of Moby Dick is that Captain Ahab becomes completely obsessed with finding the infamous white whale, Moby Dick, to the point where he finds him, and the whale destroys the ship. To represent this on the cover, I took a piece of wood, which I carved the word Moby into, stained and then snapped the edges to make it look like a piece of a sinking ship – specifically a piece in the Captains room where he became so obsessed that he carved the whale's name into the wood. To show the word Dick, I used the tail of the whale diving back down to the depths of the ocean and the bubbles that would escape from the sinking ship.