For this project, a writer & myself were teamed up and tasked with coming up with a two-sided order stuffer in honour of Lee Valley's 40th anniversary for first time buyers that would have a spot for a free shipping discount code, as well give the first time buyers an overview of who Lee Valley is. Using already established brand guidelines, the writer and myself worked together to come up with catchy, but to-the-point phrasing for the side of the order stuffer that would contain the discount code for free shipping. During this time, I also coordinated with one of Lee Valley's in-house photographers, and art directed the photo you see on the front of this order stuffer.
For the other side, to give an overview of who Lee Valley is, we worked together to establish the length of the copy, as well as the hierarchy of the copy. Using a combination of product & in-use photography in Lee Valley's database, I created a collage across the top of the order stuffer to give customers a quick idea of what Lee Valley is, on a visual level.